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Many of the reasons why Dogs (especially the old ones) lose their appetite. Be careful, because it could be a sign of a serious illness or just because your dog is hard to eat. Here are some reasons why dogs may lose their appetite:

– Toothache

If any part of his teeth are broken or his gums are ill then he will automatically refuse to eat because of the difficulty of chewing

– Loss of olfactory power

If your Dog is old, he has no olfactory power as well as when he was young. Therefore he was not so interested in his food. You can provide canned food or add gravy (gravy) to the food to stimulate his appetite.

– Intestinal disorders

The presence of diseases Worms and diseases caused by viruses in the intestines, swelling, food allergies, and other diseases can make the process of digestion Your dog is functioning poorly. This will make him feel uncomfortable and feel sick, which ultimately makes him reluctant to eat.

– Liver disorders

If your Dog’s liver is not functioning properly, it can affect the body’s metabolism that affects its appetite.

– Kidney disorders

Your dog will feel his mouth and stomach uncomfortable and this causes him to lose his appetite. You can see the change in water consumption your Dog drank.

If you realise your beloved dog suddenly stopped eating and also experienced diarrhoea, vomiting or looking lethargic, immediately take him to the vet as soon as possible. Or it could be because of changes in his behaviour. In addition to physical disturbances, loss of appetite experienced by your dog could be because he was stressed or protested against something. For example, when he is adapting in a new place with new house members (humans or other animals), the reproductive or food are replaced suddenly.

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