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Tips On Caring For Dogs

Tips On Caring For Dogs

Posted By on Jun 3, 2017

Having Dogs is a very nice thing but there are many responsibilities that we must do as the owner. Here are some tips on what to do in dog breeding:

– Begin to train your dog puppy on the first day he arrives at your home.
Dogs are not born in a trained state. He will see you as his coach. What he can do and what not to do should be taught from that day on. Combine this exercise with the game to keep him from getting bored and having a good friendship with him. Through this exercise, puppies will know what their employers expect.

– Dog puppies need balanced nutrition.
Food with complete and balanced nutrition is a must for her for perfect growth. Dog puppies require the correct amount of protein, fat, vitamin, and mineral intake. Dog puppies should be given food in concentrated form so that they can receive all the necessary nutrients without burdening the digestive system. Always give clean water.

– Get used to dog puppies grooming.
Start grooming your puppy from an early age so he gets used to it. Dogs who are used to and calm when grooming will facilitate your work.

– Dog puppies need dental care.
In fact, untreated teeth can cause various illnesses in the future. Get used to cleaning your dog’s teeth from the beginning. Plaque and tartar will be found in dogs older than 2 years who do not perform dental care. The buildup of plaque and tartar in teeth damages the tooth enamel and gum causing health problems.

– Sports on dog puppies.
Part of the normal activity of a dog puppy is regular exercise. The need for dogs will not only depend on the size of the dog’s body but also from the breed. Do not make your dog over in an exercise that is too heavy for dogs because their bones haven’t developed to ideal. Combine the game with sports.

– Regular health checks on veterinarians.
Ideally, you already have a prospective veterinarian who will be your subscription before you have a puppy dog. Once your puppy arrives at home, take him to the vet the next day to check his overall health. Ask a veterinarian to schedule a vaccine for him. Create a fun atmosphere when you take your dog to a veterinarian so he does not feel afraid to meet his veterinarian.

– Do a health check at home.
Schedule regular home health checks. Check her weight, eyes and ears, skin and fur gums and teeth irregularities. If you notice anything unusual you should contact your veterinarian.

– Introduce dog puppies to other dogs.
If at home you already have another dog should be an introduction between them. Dogs who have lived longer will feel himself is the ruler of the house. While the puppy dog will usually underestimate this so that it can endanger his soul. We recommend that you supervise for several days so that this blending process runs smoothly. Once the puppy’s dogs know it, he will not behave as delicately in front of his senior dog.

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