Should You Buy A Golden Retriever?

Posted By admin on Jul 7, 2017 | 0 comments

Getting a dog is something you have to take seriously. Your future happiness depends on the choice you make, so you should do your homework well before going for a certain breed. Each of them has its own characteristics, so you should match them with your specific needs and wishes. For instance, if you want a lap dog, you shouldn’t get a golden retriever, as you’ll end up in misery. You may even have to find your dog another home, as this breed isn’t meant to sit on your couch for ten hours a day, watching you doing things.

As a matter of fact, the golden retriever is an awesome breed. It’s the third most popular dog in the USA. If you don’t know too much about it, you should try to inform yourself from some reliable sources. You may want to find a breeder and ask them to provide you as many details about these dogs as possible. Once you learn what kind of personality they have, you’ll be able to know whether this dog breed would be able to become your best friend and companion. Breeders are usually happy to provide such information to all potential clients, as they also want their puppies to end up in happy homes. When you raise those cuties for several months, you become attached to them. They are like your babies, so it comes without saying that you want to secure them a brilliant future. Many breeders refuse clients they don’t like, because they do care about the way their dogs are going to be treated in their new families.

You can also search for dog breeds information online. There are many websites that list the most common dog breeds with their particularities. You should pay special attention to health challenges and issues various breeds have. If you want a golden retriever, you need to know what kind of diseases these dogs are more prone to develop. This can save you from a lot of trouble later on, as your furry friend gets older. Although you may not realize it, this information can make you understand what you can expect when getting a certain dog breed. Different breeds have different challenges when it comes to health and well-being. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t get a certain dog you want, only because it’s going to develop asthma or whatever other illness. This is only a hint for you to become aware that things aren’t always simple when raising a dog. They all get sick just like children, so you need to be warned about their most common problems. You could use this knowledge when time comes to buy health insurance for your little friend.

Golden Retrievers

You’ll also have to learn about the grooming needs of each breed. If you aren’t ready to groom your dog for hours every day, you shouldn’t probably get one that has long hair. On the contrary, if you don’t mind brushing your dog every morning and every evening, you’ll be just fine with any breed, regardless the length of their hair. Retrievers have short hair, but they still need regular grooming and cleaning. You have to be ready to do all this work for the next 15-20 years, so don’t get yourself a dog unless you’re prepared to take good care of it.

The personality of your dog is also very important. If you love hiking, running and other outdoor activities, you’ll want a dog to share these passions with. You’re going to take your dog with you everywhere you’ll go, and the dog will be happy to run along your side. If, on the contrary, you’re physically impaired or you’re old, you may not want a dog that needs to run for a few miles three times a day. You won’t be able to satisfy the need for activity of your dog, so you’ll both end up being unhappy. An active dog can’t be kept indoors for long. They need action, and they needs it every day. You have to be ready for this when getting an active dog like the golden retriever. These dogs would rather go hunting than sitting on your lap. You may not be a hunter, and that’s perfectly fine as long as you give your dog the activity level it needs.

These being said, you should also search for discussion forums and online communities of dog owners, and ask them everything you want to know about their life with their chosen dog breeds. This is going to help you a great deal, especially if this is the first time in your life you’re going to get a dog. It isn’t easy, but it’s also highly rewarding. A dog can be your friend for life, provided that you make the right choice from the very beginning.